01. What is the Yeezy Mafia ?

Yeezy Mafia is a private community of advanced sneakers resellers that never fails on buying heat shoes, we sharing private info between every members and with the website our verified members can also sell their own pairs, and everyone is allowed to buy, even if you are not in the Mafia.

02. How can I become a member ?

If you want to become a member, you will need to be someone active and respectful, you will need to follow the rules and be quick enough to purchase a membership slot on our social media.

03. What are the benefits of becoming a member ?

By becoming a member you will be granted a Mafia member status, your chances to buy the pair you want on the release will drastically increase and you will have access to the private areas of the website which contains a forum, live chat with notifications, private twitter, and the ability to sell your pairs on the website and we won’t take any commission on your sales, but most important you will become a part of the Yeezy Mafia Familia.

04. Are my chances really increasing if I become a member of the Yeezy Mafia?

Absolutely, you will have access to all info that nobody else does, but nothing is guaranteed, you will have to follow our instructions, and have your notifications enabled on the T time. One of our members will be glad to help you if you need help.

05. If I'm not satisfied, can i get a refund ?

We are talking about private data, there is a no refunds policy to anyone, if you ain’t satisfied then just wait till your suscribtion finishes or ask future (the owner) if you need help.

06. How Can I Pay My Subscription ?

We actually accept these payments methods : Paypal & Credit card via Stripe.

07. If I list my Yeezys up for sale, does Yeezy Mafia take a percentage of the profit?

No it’s completely free for you, we don’t take any commission on your sales.

08. Am I protected against scammers if I buy shoes on Yeezy Mafia ?

All of our members are verified, we don’t approve scammers, if someone tries to scam he will be banned from the Mafia and you will get your money back, be sure to always pay with Paypal.

09. I have info I want to share, where can I share it ?

You can share all your infos on the forums, or via email to : [email protected]